Support free as in freedom media infrastructure

Posted on October 31, 2012 by Marko Dimjašević

Have you heard of GNU MediaGoblin? To quote Wikipedia:

GNU MediaGoblin (also MediaGoblin) is a free web platform for hosting and sharing digital media, aimed to provide an extensible, adaptive, decentralized and freedom-respectful software alternative to major media publishing services such as Flickr, deviantArt, YouTube, etc.

With that one single sentence, everything is said. Therefore, it is very important to have such a tool.

I’ve supported MediaGoblin by donating. I’m also using it to host my media. Once it gets federation support, we’ll all be able to share our media easily without sharing it with corporations first and without the need to agree to all those ever-changing disrespectful terms of service that nobody actually reads.

To find out more about MediaGoblin and why it is crucial to have a platform like MediaGoblin, watch the video for the fund raising campaign the project is running and read about it at the project homepage. Consider donating and spreading out the word! Put the banner on your homepage!