Presentation of JPF-Doop at FMCAD 2013

Posted on September 2, 2013 by Marko Dimjašević

I am happy to say that I have my first document written as a PhD student and accepted by reviewers. It is a 2-page research summary titled “Automatic Testing of Software Libraries”. The venue where I will present it is the FMCAD 2013 Student Forum, taking place from the 20th to the 23rd of October this year in Portland, Oregon.

The summary is about research and a tool that we’ve been working on. The tool is JPF-Doop, and it is an integration of JPF-JDart and Randoop into a single tool. JPF-Doop is a tool for testing of Java libraries. JPF-Doop comprises feedback-directed random testing from Randoop and concolic execution from JPF-JDart. So far we have seen decent improvements in terms of code coverage compared to the baseline Randoop. Hopefully there will be a release of the tool very soon. I will also demo it at the FMCAD conference to anyone interested.

At the Student Forum I will give a short talk and have a poster. If you will be at this year’s FMCAD or at any of the collocated events — MEMOCODE, DIFTS, andHWMCC’13 — and you are interested in software testing and symbolic execution, it would be nice to have a chat.