Surveillance Cameras for Live Streaming

Posted on February 12, 2015 by Marko Dimjašević

Courtesy of EFF

Today a bureaucrat from Carnegie Mellon University is giving a talk at the University of Utah. Prior to that he will have a round table with the research group I’m part of. The round table will happen in my department in the Grad Lounge. Unfortunately, I don’t feel so well today so I’ll be staying at home, hence I’ll miss the round table. However, there is a surveillance camera installed in the Grad Lounge so that egregious graduate students don’t misbehave in there.

If only the department decided to live stream the round table with the surveillance camera. Then I could lay back and watch the round table from my sofa. I see how this could be a great way to increase turnouts at such round tables. The department could then finally have a justification for putting surveillance cameras in lounges, hallways, classrooms, etc.