On the Artifact Evaluation Committee for PLDI 2016!

Posted on January 21, 2016 by Marko Dimjašević

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I’ve been writing about reproducible research for some time now as it is a very interesting topic to me. It is the very core of research, hence putting “reproducible” in front of “research” should be the same as just saying “research”, but unfortunately the situation is different. Doing reproducible research is even optional these days. Therefore, I am limited to participating in the rare optional activities.

This year I will be on the Artifact Evaluation Committee of the Programming Language Design and Implementation conference. Equipped with the experience from being on the same committee of the Computer Aided Verification conference last year, I am hoping to do well in evaluating research artifacts of accepted papers to PLDI 2016! I learned quite a few things last year when it comes to artifact evaluation. It was an enjoyable service to the community. Let’s see what PLDI will bring!