Typed Functional Programming and Software Correctness

Software testing has been an important, if not prevalent way of checking software correctness. In this article I will tell how have my doctoral dissertation on testing and verification of imperative software as well as my work experience after the studies led me to typed functional programming, which consequently gave me a different perspective on automatic software testing. Furthermore, I’ll explain why functional programming and static type systems are important for software correctness.

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A Subtyping Polymorphism Misfortune

Courtesy of Jin

The type system in Scala is based, among other things, on subtyping polymorphism, which is also known as inheritance in the object-oriented community’s parlance. Wikipedia defines it as:

Subtyping (also called subtype polymorphism or inclusion polymorphism): when a name denotes instances of many different classes related by some common superclass.

Many programmers and developers see it as a great concept that helps with organizing source code. However, there are also serious downsides to it.

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